Ovation Payroll Services

Relieve your accountant from demands of payroll so your company can focus on calculating profits, managing deductions, and growing your business. Ovation provides many rich features and services that give you time saving and increased efficiency  and time saving results. Our relationship with Ovation allows our customers save an additional 15% off Ovation services.

Contact Eric at Ovation

Contact Eric to answer your ovation questions, setup your ovation account or schedule a live demo.

Erik C. Kosney
Ovation Administrator
o: 916-200-9958

Partial list of Ovation Features:

  • Time-Clock integration (swipe time-cards, biometric readers, and more)
  • Administer Employee Benefit FSA deductions for employers and employees with ease
  • Simplified workman’s comp by calculating annual premium on an ongoing basis and paid automatically as payroll is processed while working with the broker of your choice.
  • Tax Incentive Program designed to makes sure your company takes advantage of all tax deductions
  • Online payroll portal for employer and employees allows quick access to pay stubs, W2s and more