Client Advocates

Navigating through complex employee benefit questions and benefit claims can be challenging and confusing for employers and their employees. As client advocates, Bavaro Employee Benefits, Inc. paves the way in seeking resolution to benefit questions and claim issues effectively and efficiently. This critical function is one of the components that sets our firm apart from other employee benefit brokers and consultants.

Bavaro Employee Benefits, Inc. has a solid reputation for superior client service and follow up, knowledge and sound advice, professionalism and integrity. Bavaro Employee Benefits, Inc. are trusted advisors and advocates for their clients on all issues pertaining to employee insurance benefits. Our winning solution is to constantly surprise our clients and their employees with client care service that they do not expect and haven’t received anywhere else.

Client Benefits

Our experience and unique relationships with insurance companies allow us to find the best options for your company. When rates change, we don’t sit back; we seek alternatives to combat price and present our customers with new options. We provide clients and their group members with dedicated support. We are ready to meet at nearly time and location.

Healthcare Reform

PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is about the change the world of health care. Trying to navigate healthcare decisions without a team knowledgeable in the new laws can lead to higher penalties than anticipated. With business dollars on the line, it is crucial to work with a crew deeply versed in PPACA and savvy in the health insurance industry. Beyond educating our brokers, we teamed with individuals familiar in PPACA legislation in order to help business explore options that will efficiently and affordable help them become compliant by 2014.